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The cabin is unlocked, but there’s no escape.

When Brooke was kidnapped on her way home from work, she thought her life was over.

That was ten years ago.

She’s been held captive in an isolated cabin on the Oregon coast ever since, scrambling to follow her kidnappers’ twisted instructions to the letter. Because the price of a mistake is death.

But when a new victim shows up, everything changes. Including the rules. And this time, the only way to survive is to break them.

THE FINAL SCENE: A THRILLER is available now

An abandoned mine. A mummified corpse. A simmering evil.

When a shriveled body turns up in an old silver mine, failed detective Syl Dixon gets pulled into the investigation. But the strange case is even more sinister than she imagined. And the dying town of Pate, Idaho is full of secrets that don't want to be uncovered.


People go missing all the time. Strange howls echo from the woods. Eerie portraits hang like shrines outside homes. But nobody-including the local sheriff-seems to care. The deeper Syl digs, the more she realizes she's facing a malicious darkness that has plagued Pate for over a century.


Can Syl rid the town of this evil before it swallows everything in its path, including her?

Available now

A night alone in the mountains. A crippling injury. A hungry and deadly creature.


When Taryn promised to scatter her wife’s ashes at an alpine lake in the Sawtooth Mountains, she expected an easy out-and-back hike. What she gets is anything but.


It starts when she sees a human bone in the lake. Then there’s a howling in the woods. But when Taryn sees something unexplainable moving across the river, she knows she’s in danger. This thing is stalking her. Watching and waiting. 

A clumsy fall leaves Taryn injured and easy prey. Now she’s alone. Injured. Out of time.

Available now

The Threshing Floor | Coming Out 11.11.24

Dalice will do anything to save her terminally ill toddler. Even join a healing cult. But the miracles come at a steep price, and salvation might cost more than she can bear.

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